Denver Commercial Real Estate and Development

Guiding investors and asset owners in the Denver commercial real estate market.


The Canon Property Group

Whether the interest is in office, retail, multifamily, or industrial real estate the Canon Property Group at Buell & Company assists our clients to purchase existing assets, develop new ones, to sell assets, or to work through 1031 Exchanges. We do that with honesty, integrity, hard work, and results.



The goal of the “Denver Commercial Real Estate and Development” podcast is simple: To provide education, insight, analytical overviews of deals around Denver, and interviews with local experts to help investors grow their portfolios.

Join Rodolfo Canon as he shares his knowledge and experiences (the good and the bad) of the Denver commercial real estate market. 

Denver Development Tour

What we do



We understand which neighborhoods will support what type of residential renovation or commercial development and when it’s time to hold back or move forward.


We’re there with you throughout the investment process when you’re deciding whether to buy and hold a property or, if the data say otherwise, to flip, renovate or sell.


Savvy Investors are continually weighing the value of their residential and commercial properties. Do I sell this property? Do I renovate that property?