The ability to analyze, understand, and implement the conclusions from complex data is what has led the Canon Property Group to close more than $67 million in commercial real estate transactions over the last three years. We have helped investors, of all levels of sophistication, find the assets they want for their portfolio, helped them dispose of those assets, and guided them through the development process.


Savvy Investors are continually weighing the value of their residential and commercial properties. Do I sell this property? Do I renovate that property? Should I redirect earnings into other investments that carry greater opportunity or is it simply time to cash out, kickback, and relax?

Canon Property Group can assist you in answering these questions. We can help you move from one asset class to another or use the IRS’s 1031 Exchange Rule to move up to more valuable investments – TAX FREE.  When it is time to cash out, we can help find a buyer for your property or better yet, buy your property.

If these are some of the questions you’re starting to ask yourself, then it’s time to come to Canon Property Group for the answers.

Brokerage Case Study: Selling an Office Building for Full Price, Off Market, and Quietly

Sometimes a success story involves Canon Property Group representing both the seller and the buyer. In one transaction, a seller wanted to cash out of his office building where he operated his consulting firm for the past ten years but wanted to do it quietly (off-market). It was important to him to be able to choose the right time to inform his staff of the significant changes that were coming their way.

We were able to call one of our preferred-buyer clients and got the seller’s asking price of $1.9 million for the property. We made the transaction quiet, uneventful, and easy. The seller got his price under the terms he wanted and the buyer got an 8% cap property.


We’re there with you throughout the investment process when you’re deciding whether to buy and hold a property or, if the data say otherwise, to flip, renovate or sell. It’s that kind of hands-on market, investment, development, and brokerage knowledge that you’ll benefit from every time you contact the Canon Property Group.

This ability to recognize opportunity, analyze data, understand the community, work well with regulators and bring together a strong network of service providers is what has led the Canon Property Group to close more than $67 million in residential and commercial developments over the last three years.

Canon Property Group has earned the trust of major property owners and investors alike by always putting their needs and goals ahead of its own. We believe that success is best achieved through helping and connecting others.

Investment Case Study: 1031 Exchange: 4 Properties, 3 Investors, and $13.75 Million in Real Estate

Tax-deferred 1031 exchanges have a way of multiplying especially when assisting one client turns into creating an opportunity for others.

A veteran investor looking for a property that was easier to manage came to CPG to use a 1031 Exchange as part of a plan to sell some of his properties, one of which was a 30-unit apartment building near Glendale, CO.

CPG quickly approached one of its preferred-buyers, but that buyer also had properties to sell before he could take advantage of the opportunity he saw in the apartment building. We were able to find buyers for those properties that enabled him to use a 1031 Exchange to acquire the 30-unit building.

The veteran investor who originally sold the apartment building was then able to do a 1031 Exchange of his own to buy a brand new 14-unit townhome project in the Jefferson Park neighborhood under construction by CPG and a team of investors and builders.

If you’re considering a 1031 Exchange like the $13.75 million in real estate transactions listed above, call Canon Property Group. We’re good at listening and even better at producing results.


We’ve analyzed the data produced from a wide range of commercial investment projects and we’ve learned from that data. We understand which neighborhoods will support what type of residential renovation or commercial development and when it’s time to hold back or move forward.

Canon Property Group is also keenly aware of the demands and needs of the investor community. We’ll guide you through the various regulatory hurdles associated with any project and bring to the table the service providers so critical to the success of your residential or commercial development.

We know that a project is destined to be a success when it is not only embraced by the local community, but also meets or exceeds the financial goals of investors and service providers alike.

Development Case Study: Developing a Legacy Asset in Denver

A client once told me that he wanted to buy something that was a steady investment with good cash flow. He said he was open to almost anything that was “interesting.” Well, I brought this client a few deals each month for more than year before I found one that was “interesting” to him – a dilapidated, cinder block building that will soon become a 36,000 square foot mixed-use office and retail building.

This is what we do best at Canon Property Group. We find development sites for clients, work with the builders and architects to develop a construction plan that will reach the desired profits margins, meet with bankers to help obtain favorable financing ,and sell all of the newly built units after the construction is finished.